10 Things That You Pay For That We Offer For Free

1.  Read for free.  The average cost of a hardback book is $18.99.  You can borrow ours for free.

2.  Magazines and Newspapers.  We have lots.  And with your library card you can read the Kansas City Star from any computer in the world with internet access.

3.  Listen for free.  The average cost of a music CD is $10.99.  You can borrow ours for free.

4.  Inter-library loans are free.  If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll borrow it from another library and pay to have it shipped here and back for you.  You pay nothing.  (Inter-library DVD loans are $3 each.)

5.  Internet and WiFi.  The average cost of internet service is $30 a month.  You can use ours for free.

6.  Watch free movies.  We show children’s movies each month.  Kids can watch for free with their friends.

7.  Job preparation.  Our public access computer have WinWay Resume Writer.  It’s simple to use, produces a professional document, and it’s yours to use, for free.

8.  Find you family history.  A personal subscription to ancestry.com is $300 a year, however you can use ours for free.  Research your family history from any of our public access computers.  (Thanks to the Geneaological Society for this generous donation.)

9.  Free books for parents.  Need help naming your little darling?  Or maybe you need help taming your little darling?  We have shelves and shelves of parenting books.  You can borrow them and regain your sanity, for free.

10.  Free auto repair and other databases.  We can’t fix your car, but we have a Chilton’s database, among others, that can help you help your car.  They are accessible from any computer at our website  www.cclibraryks.org.  Look to the right of our page under “Resources.”
The Coffey County Library is a pretty good deal!

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