Book Review – The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

In 1964, Dr. David Henry, is forced to deliver the baby his wife is carrying due to a blizzard. He summons his nurse for help. He delivers a healthy baby boy and is overjoyed. An unexpected second baby, a girl, is born. After examining the baby, Dr. Henry tells the nurse to take her away. She has been born with Downs Syndrome. He instructs the nurse to take her to the local home for disabled children. He informs his wife the baby girl died after birth. The nurse puts her in a box and drives to the home. After entering and viewing the living conditions, she decides to raise this special little girl herself and she leaves town. Through the years, the nurse sends Dr. Henry updates and pictures of his daughter, who has been named Pheobe. Check out this book and see how they all come together in life.

Carrie, Lebo Branch

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