Book Review – The Perilous Guard

The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope

The Perilous GardSet in Elizabethan England, The Perilous Gard, tells the story of Katherine Sutton a young lady-in-waiting to Princess Elizabeth. Kate is banished from Elizabeth’s palace due to a mistake made by her  sister Alicia, and is sent to Elvenwood Hall; a remote manor set deep in the English forest.  Here Kate meets Christopher Heron, a young man tormented by his past, and the Lady in the Green ruler of the mysterious Fairy Folk under the hill.  The Story is loosely based on the Ballad of Tam Lin, and weaves Celtic mythology into a gothic tale of mystery and adventure.  Kate is a strong and sympathetic protagonist, and the other characters are well developed and engaging.  I would highly recommend this novel to young adult as well as adult readers.

-Kristi, Waverly Branch

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