Book Review – Touch and Go

“Here is something I learned when I was 11 years old:  Pain has a flavor.  The question is, what does it taste like to you?”

This is the opening paragraph of Lisa Gardner’s thriller Touch and Go.  A family – husband, wife and their 15 year old daughter –  are kidnapped.  Through the voice of the wife, a story unfolds about the unraveling of this family and each of its members.  The pain that she speaks of is both emotional and physical.  The process of destruction began long before the kidnapping event.  Gardner gives a compelling account through thoughts, feelings and memories of how this family found itself locked in a prison.   As it is a suspense thriller, there is ample excitement, misdirection, and the ultimate solving of the crime.  No doubt, you also will be held in the grip of this story – twists, heartbreak and all.

-Sara, LeRoy Branch

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