E-Books Sites

Sunflower eLibrary
A free collection of eBooks, audio books, and other digital content.


One Click Digital
A collection of audiobooks available to InfoSoup library card holders. Click the link to learn more.

Another popular eBook downloading site.

Collection of downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, music, and videos. Titles can be read or played on tablets, e-readers, laptops, PCs, MP3 players, and smartphones.

3M Logo
3M Cloud Library
A large collection of e-books accessible from a number of devices. This is the only way to access items from the Penguin Group, a specialty book publisher.

The Open Library
An excellent virtual catalog with individual webpages for millions of books. Contains over one million free eBooks and an eBook lending program for registered users.

Project Gutenberg
The largest collection of free eBooks on the internet. This collection focuses mainly on classic works and other titles in the public domain. They are available in a wide variety of formats to use on various devices.


AudioFile Sync
SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+.


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