Listened to a good story lately? Why not?!

I live about a mile and a half from Central Office. It’s one of the best things about all of the changes my family has gone through this year. I save money on gas, I get to go home for lunch, and might even sneak in a quick power nap if I eat fast enough. With all of the benefits of living so close, I found one way it impacts my job negatively. I read less.

Let me explain. I love audiobooks and for my former job, I commuted about 40 minutes every day. That translated into over three hours each week I spent listening to stories. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken advantage of those hours and spent more time reading “real” books at home.

Your Coffey County Library offers a variety of audiobook formats for you to take advantage of. First, we have the good ol’ CD audiobooks. Granted, you have to switch them out and you might get twenty discs, but they are still available and collectively there are over 1500 audiobook CDs to choose from in our system and countless more we can interlibrary loan in. Our second offering, my favorite, is contained in the digital collection. This is also known as Sunflower e-Library. This program allows for users to download and listen to audiobooks on MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, computers, or even burn some titles to their own discs. I also appreciate that this can be done from any place with an internet connection. The other option is the State Library of Kansas OneClick Digital Collection. It’s much similar to our collection, just accessed through the state’s site. CCL also contracts with Southeast Kansas Library System which offers support for Talking Books. This library service is available for those who are unable to read or use standard printed materials as a result of temporary or permanent visual or physical impairment.

While you might receive a fancy new device, you don’t have to buy a new iPad or other expensive device to enjoy our collections. A $25 MP3 player, your phone, or just a PC will do the trick. Talk to a local library staff member about ways we can get you access to these free resources!

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